How does ACXEL work?
Lab-on-a-chip (LOC) system can miniaturize the complex experimental process and integrate it into micro / nano chips. Traditional microchannel microfluidic chips, such as PDMS, plastic and glass, use external mechanical pressure to drive fluid. Although they have the ability to reduce the use of reagents, they can not meet the needs of high-throughput, large-scale parallel and accurate operation in daily experiments. Acxel combines large area thin film electronic technology and electrowetting (EWOD) technology to make high-speed and high-throughput precise parallel processing of micro discrete liquid possible. Acxel's active pixel LOC (ap-loc) adopts mature thin-film electronic backplane manufacturing technology, integrates the original design concept of active pixels used in the display industry into the microfluidic system, and based on the principle of electrowetting, applies automatic micro drop sample processing to chemical, biological and medical related fields, and seamlessly connects with the existing biological / chemical / medical production lines.
Digital microfluidics
Point wetting Technology(EWOD)
Based on the principle of electrowetting, digital microfluidic control technology can realize the free movement of nano-to-micro-liter droplets on the two-dimensional plane of the chip by using only voltage signals. At the same time, the droplets can be u
Thin film electronics manufacturing technology
Thin film transistor (TFT)
Thin film transistor (TFT) is a special type of metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET), which is made by deposition of thin film active semiconductor layer, and the dielectric layer and metal on the supporting contact (but non conducti
Back plane
Back plane
Backplane has always been a professional product in PCB manufacturing industry. The backplane is thicker and heavier than the conventional PCB, and its heat capacity is also larger. In view of the slow cooling speed of the back plate, the length of the re