Cell Sorting and Manipulation
Cell sorting is a process of splitting mixed cells into numerous different groups with various characteristics based on their qualities.
Cell Therapy
Cell therapy describes the process of introducing new cells into a tissue to treat a disease.
Antibody Therapy
Antibody therapy is a type of immunotherapy that refers to a treatment strategy that artificially increases or suppresses the body's immune activity with the goal of healing diseases.
Synthetic Biology
Synthetic biology's core is the "engineering essence," which is mostly manifested in the two components below. It differs from other traditional biological sciences in a number of ways. The bottom-up forward engineering strategy is the first. The second is the re-creation and fabrication of "artificial life" with a specific objective in mind.
Chemical Synthesis
Chemical Synthesis is the process of creating complex molecules from simple chemicals, which involves numerous steps and a significant amount of time and effort before the desired output is achieved.