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Cell biology engineer
Foshan, Guangdong

1. Responsible for the design, operation and report writing of cell activity related experiments;

2. The activity of drug and antibody was evaluated by fluorescent reporter gene assay;

3. Construction of stable expression cell lines, screening and identification of high expression stable cell lines

4. Primary cell experiments, such as magnetic beads sorting and culture of T cells;

5. Proficient in the use of flow cytometry, enzyme labeling instrument and other experimental instruments;

6. Finish other work arranged by superior;

7. Development of auxiliary testing instrument;

8. Participate in the literature research of biological aspects of detection instrument development, as well as the writing of related product specifications and patents.

Job requirements:

1. Master's degree in biology, bioengineering, biotechnology and cell biology, with more than one year of cell experiment experience;

2. Proficient in cell culture and transfection technology;

3. Need to have good communication skills to ensure the smooth completion of the work;

4. Need to work actively with strong sense of responsibility and team spirit;

5. Good literature review ability and problem analysis and solving ability;

6. Have certain English ability, and be able to read the English instructions of relevant instruments and reagents smoothly

7. Proficient in using conventional office software;

8. Microfluidic chip development experience is preferred.

Embedded engineer
Foshan, Guangdong

1. Can independently design circuit, draw PCB multilayer board, embedded programming, FPGA, etc. it is recommended to master the development of host computer and other languages;

2. Can lead a small team to develop projects;

3. Master the whole system process and participate in the development of large electrical equipment;

4. You can have additional knowledge about structure and be familiar with product standards.

Job requirements:

1. Age requirement: under 35 years old;

2. Working experience: more than 5 years;

3. Education requirements: Bachelor degree or above.

Director of cell biology
Foshan, Guangdong

1. Responsible for the development of industrial demand application platforms such as single molecule / microorganism / macromolecular drug discovery, pharmacological efficacy and CMC upstream;

2. Working experience in pharmaceutical companies or cros, understand the upstream development of CMC and the construction of macromolecular drug discovery platform;

3. Research or work related to microbial drug development;

4. Flora related research;

5. Research on engineering bacteria.

Job requirements:

1. Education requirements: Master degree or above, more than 5 years of working experience in cell line development or macromolecular drug discovery;

2. Professional skills: immunology, cell biology, molecular biology, biochemistry, molecular genetics, microbiology.