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The core technology of ACXEL is derived from the University of Cambridge and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It develops digital microfluidic chips and systems based on large-scale thin film electronic active pixel array, and is committed to achieving high integration and automation of complex experimental processes, and is applied in scenarios such as single cell sorting and enrichment, drug screening, synthetic biology, etc. The company was founded in Cambridge Science Park, UK in 2017, and settled in Kechuang Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City in August 2020. The core team of the company includes several high-level talents at home and abroad. At present, more than 50% of the company has doctoral and master degree students. The company has a highly interdisciplinary team of R&D personnel in many fields such as microelectronics, semiconductor technology, precision machinery design and cell biology.

With the concept of "Active, Creative and Effective", the company is committed to the development and application of intelligent digital microfluidic platform, constantly improving the experimental efficiency of scientific research institutes and university laboratories, liberating the hands of researchers, improving the quality of single experiments, enhancing the competitiveness of scientific research, breaking the market monopoly, and helping the relevant industrial upgrading!